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Unique book promotion idea.

Friday, June 11th, 2010

While reading one of my fave blogs, I stumbled upon a link to This Article on An author named Jennifer Belle hired 40 actresses to sit in public places (within NYC)  and laugh out loud while reading her book. It’s a very creative idea, and in at least one respect brilliant because it’s getting her some additional press.

One of the biggest challenges an author faces is getting word of her book out to the public. According to UNESCO, there were between 150,000 and 200,000 new titles published in 2005, in the US alone (I haven’t been able to locate more recent numbers). I’ve read the average fiction novel sells anywhere between 5,000 and 11,000 copies (this number, I’m guessing takes into account returns). With over 100,000 books published every year, it’s not newsworthy to have your novel published, at least according to television, radio and newspapers.

I believe, as book publishers struggle to find their footing in this volatile market, promotion budgets will be slashed and authors will be forced to take on the burden of marketing his/her books.  In most cases, this has already happened. More and more, authors are going to have to come up with unique and fresh ideas to promote their work. It’s not enough to write a great book anymore. And then another. And another. Those great books could very well end up being recycled to print another author’s great book.

So how does Jane Author get the media’s attention so her book, one of 150,000 or more, finds its way into the hands of readers instead of the bottom of a recycling bin? I don’t have the answer. Quite the opposite, as an author who is anxiously anticipating her upcoming release, I would love to come up with something mad/brilliant/newsworthy to promote my books. Perhaps looking outside the publishing industry would be wise? Can you think of a product that was promoted in an unusual/unique/interesting way? I’d love to hear about it.